Reverie is a place to create space for full-hearted family gatherings

Nestled near these residences, our neighborhood boasts an eclectic mix of restaurants and bars that cater to every palate. Whether you crave the aromatic allure of local coffee shops, the sizzling flavors of diverse cuisines, or the laid-back ambiance of trendy bars, Reverie has it all.

Explore the tapestry of flavors and experiences within walking distance, forging connections with fellow residents in this lively and inviting locale. Revel in the dynamic blend of community spirit and gastronomic adventures that make Reverie a truly exceptional place to call home.

Essie Wine Bar

An Emu egg resting in a nestA bowl of hummus garnished with nuts and flowers.

Melbourne is a town that appreciates artisans and why so many specialty shops exist. Located just a short walk from your doorstep, Baker Bleu is the local baker serving up fresh sourdough, boted bagels, and delicate pastries. Made-in-house, Baker Bleu services the community as well as local restaurants and cafes.

Baker Bleu

A man holding three bagels and looking at other baked goods in a bakery.

Poppy & Seed Bagelry, located with a 6-minute drive from Caufield North, is a favourite among locals for their traditional, 18-hour bolted bagels with homemade spreads, coffees and juices. This New York inspired cafe is the perfect place to grab breakfast on-the-run or to catch up with friends for a delicious brunch.

Poppy & Seed

A plate with a bagel topped with cream cheese, accompanied by a pickle.

As far as casual dining goes in the local area, it's hard to top Tulum in neighbouring Balaclava. Turkish chef, Coskun Uysal, has created a modern Middle Eastern restaurant inspired by the vibrant street life and energy of Istanbul - the great city that spans two continents. With a flexible share-style menu, you must try a selection of refreshing dishes that each burst with colour, flavour, and delight.


A bowl of hummus garnished with nuts and flowers.

Consistently ranked among the world's fifry finest restaurants, Attica in Ripponlea is now your local destination for celebrating milestones. It's boundary-pushing cuisine celebrates the unique flavours and indigenous ingredients of the Australian continent, and draws from an extensive herb and vegetable garden located at the nearby Ripponlea Estate. In recent years, Attica has been constantly evolving and adapting offering a huge popoular 'bake shop' as well as take home meals for locals.


An Emu egg resting in a nest

Caulfield Park

Living near Caulfield Park in Reverie means embracing a life where exercise, community, and culinary delights converge. This vibrant neighborhood is a tapestry of local coffee shops, diverse cuisines, and trendy bars, all within walking distance. It's a place where community spirit thrives, offering a dynamic blend of wellness, gastronomy, and social connections. Reverie isn't just a residence; it's a lively, inviting community, making it an exceptional place to call home.