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A cozy living room with a comfy couch, a stylish ottoman, and a bright lamp.

A man and woman standing on a balcony, gazing at the city.

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CCIG Capital Pty Ltd (CCIG) is an integrated property group that combines fund management and property development. CCIG aims to generate secure property investment opportunities across Australia, with a focus on Melbourne, for a close network of private investors with whom CCIG have a long-standing and trusted relationship. By marrying investment and property development capabilities, CCIG brings a breadth of experience and expertise to its investments.

A sleek apartment building with balconies and windows, seen from the side.

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BG Architecture is an established award winning practice with a vast portfolio of built works over the past 20 years. Founded by Donna Brzezinski and Adam Grundmann in 2002, BG architecture are an award winning practice highly sought after for their expertise in residential design and multi residential solutions. With an established team of architects and interior designers from diverse design backgrounds, BG Architecture offers design services in all sectors including urban design, residential, retail, commercial, public, community, health and hospitality design.

Creative collaboration is the key to the success of BG Architecture’s built work and with the latest modelling and real time presentation tools at hand, they instil confidence in their clients’ journey. BG Architecture strive for a strategic, sustainable and contextual approach to every project regardless of scale and budget with a focus on the end user experience. BG Architecture is an established design practice, capable of producing unique, high quality buildings.

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Hecker Guthrie, based in Melbourne, is one of Australia’s leading design practices undertaking projects, in the hospitality, residential, retail and commercial sectors, both here and abroad. The directors, Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie have at their core, common design beliefs that support and sustain one another and the broader Practice. They have forged a distinct approach to their multi-disciplinary practice through a series of closely held beliefs that include the expression of authenticity from the initial idea, through a series of spatial decisions and material choices, to the finished space. These shared attributes are balanced by thoughtfulness (Hamish) and enthusiasm (Paul) bringing design solutions and providing an umbrella perspective which takes in several areas of expertise; interior design, building design, industrial design, furniture design and styling.

The practice believes in working with the client to develop an overarching concept which drives a project and becomes a shared journey, with Hecker Guthrie delivering above and beyond in terms of commitment, quality and vision. The aim of the practice is to create spaces that are endearing and beautiful, where the feeling speaks louder than the furnishings and the levels of charm and comfort outweigh the instant gratification of the merely new.